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Wheelhouse Books, 2014

What I wasn't prepared for was opening that door after a year. The smells had been preserved through all four seasons. They hadn't burned off in the summer heat, hadn't died of exposure over the winter.
          Behind that closed door, they bred and begat.
          It's abated now, but I had been stunned. Had my life really been that visceral before I left? That potent? I must've sneezed every five minutes the first week I was back. Now I know better than to disturb anything too much. I'm out of vacuum bags or I would clean. I would dust if I wasn't out of that blue fluid and those pheasant tails. I think I can hold out until Duane Reade starts offering delivery.
          There is an entire other me spread out in a thin layer over every surface of this apartment. I live in the same place I buried myself a year ago. Every step I take, I'm walking over my own grave.
          Worse, I can still smell her. The bottles of shampoo have been thrown out, the sponges and washcloths, the makeup and everything, but I haven't taken the trash out. There are points in the apartment where they still have affect. I shouldn’t have concentrated them in one place. They've combined and now work an even stronger magic than if I'd left them where they were. I've moved the trashcans to the most remote part of the apartment. I know where to walk.
          I'm managing.
          Charles bailed early on. He'd kept it going with his girlfriend back in New York while we were in Los Angeles. He thought we'd be back sooner or later, that this thing wouldn't go anywhere. I broke up with my girlfriend because I thought we'd be out there for a good damn while. If I ever see him again, I'll have to tell him I was wrong, and he was right. He already knows that, but I'll have to say it before he can.
          He's out there somewhere. It's a fair bet she's bumping around the city, too. I don't know which one I'd rather run into. So I'm always in here somewhere, constantly bumping into myself.

Constant Readers

The world's first blog dedicated to the re-reading of Stephen King's entire oeuvre in chronological order.

Pat: The cover of Christine looks like Meat Loaf wrote a musical about a gay motorcycle.
Andrea: Christine: A story about a guy, a car, a chick, and this other guy.
Pat: I think the first 200 pages drag a good bit. But it occurred to me at some point that the dragginess I’ve been feeling on all these rereads may be because I’ve already read them. Although Salem’s Lot, I think, felt draggy, and I’d never read that before.
Andrea: Yes. I am not as prone to rereading as I was when I was younger. So it’s probably not a coincidence that I am enjoying more the ones I haven’t read yet.
Pat: I reread stuff all the time. Your argument smacks of “I don’t know how to make an argument.”

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