I made of list of the books I read from July 25th, 2007 to July 25th, 2008 (you should know that I celebrate New Year’s on my birthday, and therefore have no use for year-end lists, save the Pinktrack Awards), saved it somewhere, and now I can’t find it. It was called “Books 26,” and for all I know, it was on the flash drive I lost, although I very much doubt it. Since that appears to be gone and I’m an information packrat, let’s see if I can reconstruct—Nick Hornby-style—what I read in the previous calendar year.

The Box Man—Kobo Abe
Things Fall Apart—Chinua Achebe
A Wolf At The Table—Augusten Burroughs
Difficult Loves—Italo Calvino
Where I’m Calling From—Raymond Carver
Wonder Boys—Michael Chabon
Maps And Legends—Michael Chabon
Werewolves In Their Youths—Michael Chabon
Disgrace—J.M. Coetzee
Heart Of Darkness—Joseph Conrad
Our Mutual Friend—Charles Dickens
Great Expectations—Charles Dickens
A Tale Of Two Cities—Charles Dickens
Crime & Punishment—Fyodor Dostoevsky
The Great Gatsby—F. Scott Fitzgerald
The Beautiful And Damned—F. Scott Fitzgerald
A Passage To India—E.M. Forster
The Quiet American—Graham Greene
The Reluctant Fundamentalist—Mohsin Hamid
The Sun Also Rises—Ernest Hemingway
The Polysyllabic Spree—Nick Hornby
Housekeeping Vs. The Dirt—Nick Hornby
A Wrinkle In Time—Madeleine L’Engle
Interpreter Of Maladies—Jhumpa Lahiri
Norwegian Wood—Haruki Murakami
Kafka On The Shore—Haruki Murakami
The Elephant Vanishes—Haruki Murakami
The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle—Haruki Murakami
South Of The Border—West Of The Sun—Haruki Murakami
What I Talk About When I Talk About Running—Haruki Murakami
A Bend In The River—V.S. Naipaul
Down And Out In Paris And London—George Orwell
The Theory Of Light And Matter—Andrew Porter
Goodbye, Columbus—Philip Roth
When You Are Engulfed In Flames—David Sedaris
The Rum Diary—Hunter S. Thompson
Timequake—Kurt Vonnegut
Galapagos—Kurt Vonnegut
Cat’s Cradle—Kurt Vonnegut
Slaughterhouse-Five—Kurt Vonnegut
The Sirens Of Titan—Kurt Vonnegut

If you’re wondering why some of the books are written in red, well, it’s because I… already… read them. The books in blue were required reading for Literature Of Empire. Bold means the book thoroughly kicked my ass. I should like to point out that the tally stands at 42 books during the calendar year, and I may very well have missed one or more. I’ll concede that I’m still reading Our Mutual Friend—these are books I read in 2008, and I certainly did read half of the book.