Anti-Social Media

In a bid to remove certain easy-fix pleasures, there’s now a rubric in place to determine what’s worth posting on social media (hint: very little).

Facebook — Nothing, honestly. A check-in or two, since I deleted FourSquare (or Swarm, as the location app is callled now) for a looking-back record of where I’ve been. Precious few pictures. Links of some import. No more jokes.

Instagram — Any picture that doesn’t depend on a caption to be understood. Any visual joke that’s over a high school graduate’s head.

Twitter — This one is hard. Twitter appeals to my incessant need to make jokes, find puns, execute darling wordplay. Is what I’m saying likely to be an original thought? If so, are there really no stories or songs where it might be more useful? No more easy jokes, whether as primary tweets or as replies. That pretty much kills 99% of my tweets, but then, I’ve looked back over my timeline, and I wish it was 99% lighter.

WordPress? I guess mostly bullshit like this.